Auto Stunt School

Birmingham Wheels Raceway


The antidote to run of the mill driving experiences!


Fancy learning tricks you've seen in the movies? How about driving ?


Auto Stunt School offers the most action-packed experience day ever! From Basic Handbrake turns to awesome movie stunts, Stunt School promises you a day out you will never forget – the perfect event, if you are looking for the ultimate action-packed day out!


Great instructors, roving commentators and plenty of pizzazz make this a unique experience – great for participants and spectators alike!

Half Day


stunt school

Be a Power Slide Star!


During your Stunt School Experience event you will experience some of the most entertaining cars imaginable, and learn fantastic stunt driving skills.


Learn awesome Power Slides, and Car Chase J Turns! And put your new-found abilities to good use - as you line up for a

breath-taking stunt!

stunt school


Not your average day out!


From Handbrake Turns to amazing Double Decker Cars, the Auto Stunt School is an astonishing event.


Packed with serious car handling, and challenging funny cars - four white knuckle events will keep you smiling for days!

stunt driving school

four amazing Stunt events

From Double Decker Cars to the wonderfully weird Push-me Pull-you car we promise to throw everything we've got in to this never-to-be-forgotten experience.


If you try one Stunt Driving experience in your life, make sure it's this one!

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Stunt School Day

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Auto Stunt School Fact File
Experience needed: None
Driving Licence?: Yes
Number of participants: 32
Refreshments included? Yes
Events per year: 10
Duration: 4 hours
Dates: Saturdays & Sundays
Spectators: £5 admission
(includes Raceday programme,
and light refreshments)
Cars: Variety
Venue: Birmingham Wheels
Event Director: Mark Bond
Price for half day event:  £109.00