Be a Rally Pro

Fabulous Full Day


The antidote to run of the mill driving experiences! Become a

Rally-ace on this full-day Gravel Rally Experience!


With maximum time in the driving seat of our race-prepared Impreza, this is a fun and exhilarating course which coversthe core techniques used by professional rally drivers such as the Power-slides, Scandinavian Flicks and the Handbrake Turn etc. - serious skills that you can master!

Full Day


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Be a Power Slide Star!

After a short safety briefing, it's straight onto the rally stage in your rear wheel drive Subaru Impreza Rally Car.


Helmet on, rally harness tightly fastened and your professional instructor at your side, it's time to experience the thrill of sliding a Subaru Rally car from corner to corner, and focus on gaining the skills to knock seconds off your lap times.


With top tuition from our talented and experienced instructors we guarantee you'll be sliding these cars with confidence on no time.



Scandivavian Flicks? no problem!


With loads of practise under your belt, and key skills nailed, you're now prepared for your timed competition runs.


With your instructor as co-driver, you'll be timed around our rally stage as if you were competing on a rally!


Remember spins, missed gears, hit markers etc cost time - and all the skills you have acquired will be key to your success! Time to step up and give it your all for the fantastic "Drive of the day" trophy!


Total fun in awesome cars

And there's more! To finish off your Rally Pro experience it's time for the instructors to show their true colours ...


...hold on tight as we show you just how years of experience feels - as you take the co-driver position for a full on pro-driver passenger ride.

The speed and car control is mind boggling, and an awesome end to an amazing day!

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Be a Rally Pro


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Be a Rally Pro Fact File
Experience needed: None
Driving Licence?: Yes
Number of participants: 16
Refreshments included? Yes
Events per year: 10
Duration: 6 hours
Dates: Saturdays & Sundays
Spectators: Yes
Cars: Subaru Rally Spec
Venue: Evesham Proving Ground

Price for full day event:  £269.00