Real Rally Experience just £59 

Rally Pro Junior


At last!  A Real Rally experience for children of 8 and upwards!


Real racing cars ... on a real Rally stage! Whether they've enjoyed Karting,

and would like to try something a little more exciting, or have never driven anything before, then Rally Pro Junior is the perfect experience!


Sit on the Start Line
Get ready to rumble
Channel the Stig
Put the Pedal to the Metal

Give them and experience they will never forget! Safe and exhilarating, and perfect for younger and older children a-like.


Our cars have dual control pedals ... so the instructor can assist with clutch control and braking for the taller and older drivers if required, while for younger drivers they can operate the pedals leaving them free to steer their own Rally car!

This really is a memorable experience for any child - and you can be assured that your child is in a safe and controlled environment with top instructors who compete at a high level.

Rally Pro Junior includes lots of tips and encouragement from our instructors, a seat in a fully prepped rally, over 6 laps for our professionally prepared rally stage - awesome! 



Real rally cars!
The real rally 

Rally Pro Junior is as close to the real Rally experience as possible.


No experience necessary, and perfect for any child (8+) who has ever dreamed of trying real motor racing!




Rally Pro Junior Fact File
Experience needed: None
Driving Licence? No!
Number of participants: 8 - 16
Events per year: 10
Duration: 1 hour
Dates: Generally Saturday AM
Spectators: Yes
Cars: Subaru Impreza
Venue: Evesham Proving Ground
Price: £59
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